Innovation Australia Final Round 

Top 12 Projects


The main component in our vape juice is provided by Melrose Health, a reliable Australian brand.

Vegetable glycerin, also called glycerol, is a colourless or brownish liquid that is odourless, sweet-tasting and found naturally in some living organisms.


Vegetable glycerin is used in many industries, including, Food industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Beauty industry and medical industry.

Bio-C is a vapour brand originating from Australia.

Our aim is to create a revolutionary and leading-edge vapour product and challenge the traditional concept. We execute this by using natural and organic materials in our products.


Due to our focus on curating a health focussed product, we believe it has resulted in the creation of a world-class product in the vaping market. In addition, we also devote ourselves to offering our customers the most appropriate alternative to smoking.

Together with RINTECH, our partner with a strong scientific research team, the company has developed advanced production equipment and
industry-leading cutting-edge technology.


Bio-C and its partners bring new concepts and business opportunities to the booming e-cigarette market with profound corporate culture, an excellently comprised product and an advanced marketing mode.  Furthermore, we have a scientific management system, strong R & D, and a scientific and technological R & D team composed of professional chemical researchers and senior engineers.


The team combined reflects our commitment to actively perform social responsibilities, while providing our customers with the products and experiences they deserve. 

Bio-C chooses to use high-quality organic raw materials from Australia and actively promotes the essential need to stay healthy. We believe that a high-quality and safe product will deliver the best potential lifestyle for our customers. Overall, Bio-C vapes will help deter the public from the harms of smoking and second-hand smoke for a healthier future.

Unlike many other vaping companies, it is Bio-C’s highest aim to consistently provide vapers with a seamless experience.


Starting with a convenient online purchase process combined with an exceptional level of customer service, we believe that it differentiates Bio-C from any other vape websites and device manufacturers.


Our devotion to our customers and the top quality of our devices make us stand out from the crowd, making our current clientele passionate about our product and the Bio-C team.  


Choose Bio-C for all your vaping needs in order to attain 100% satisfaction in your life.